Dr Jonathan Eaton

Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons (Faculty of General Dentistry)

Dental Second Opinions

Offering Second Opinions on Proposed Dental Treatments and Options

For the past two decades Jonathan has been carrying out advanced general dentistry, oral surgery and implantology in Cheshire. He was educated at Leeds University and practises dentistry in Knutsford, Stockport and occasionally New Zealand.

Quick facts about Jonathan

  • Immediately after graduation in 1985 Jonathan practised dentistry in Germany and the British Army.
  • Jonathan was an examiner with, and is a Fellow of, the Faculty of General Dental Practice of the Royal College of Surgeons in England.
  • He is a member of the British Society of Advanced Dentistry and holds the following diplomas from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of England and Ireland: MFGDP (UK), MFDSRCS (Eng), MGDSRCSI (Ire) & FFGDP (UK). The FFGDP (UK) is the highest diploma of offered by the Faculty. These diplomas are a testament to Jonathan’s commitment and experience in advanced dentistry
  • Between 2006 - 2009, Jonathan led on the establishment of Stockport Primary Care Oral Surgery Service at Kingsgate House. During this time, he treated more than 2000 patients who had been referred for oral surgery, achieving a 100% satisfaction level in a patient survey conducted by the NHS.
  • Has worked as an expert witness.
  • Jonathan is happy to offer options and second opinions on treatment plans

    Implantology, Oral Surgery, Advanced Dentistry

    Jonathan’s primary interests are in dental Implantology (including bone grafting); oral surgery, complex crown cases and cosmetic dentistry.

    Implants Change Lives

    Jonathan firmly believes nobody is too old to benefit from dental implants - they can change lives whatever a patient’s age.

    Worry Free Dentistry

    Jonathan has gathered a trusted and experienced team around him. The team works together closely to make their patient’s experience as comfortable as possible.


    Fellowship CV Stockport NHS Degree German Licence MGDS

    Contact Jonathan

    Although many of his patients come to him through referals, Jonathan is happy to talk to patients directly. So, if you’ve been worried about how your teeth look or feel, and would like to make an appointment to meet Jonathan to discuss the options for creating a better smile, contact him via email here